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Singing Christmas Cards

Singing Christmas Cards are a great way to tell someone you're thinking of them at Christmastime.  Perfect for those who want to send more than a Christmas Card but are looking for something a bit more unique than sending flowers or a box of fruit.  They are a great way to wish your neighbors Merry Christmas and a perfect way for businesses to recognize special customers or vendors.  

Each recipient will be greeted by our Victorian costumed singers with a beautiful rendition of Here we Come a'Caroling and handed a personalized Christmas card from the sender.  We will then perform 4-5 more songs, including the recipients' requests, if desired. 

Pricing for Singing Christmas Cards varies depending on how many you "send."  A single singing Christmas Card is $75.00 but if you bundle a few together, the per-card rate goes down, as long as they are within 10 miles of each other.

Please note that we do Singing Christmas Cards on specific dates.  Please contact us for further info!

Singing Christmas Card "Bulk" Pricing


1 Singing Christmas Card = $75.00

2 Singing Christmas Cards = $130.00 ($65/each)

3 Singing Christmas Cards = $180.00 ($60/each)

4+ Singing Christmas Cards = $50/each

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