Singing Christmas Cards

Singing Christmas Cards are a great way to tell someone you're thinking of them at Christmastime.  Perfect for those who want to send more than a Christmas Card but are looking for something a bit more unique than sending flowers or a box of fruit.  They are a great way to wish your neighbors Merry Christmas and a perfect way for businesses to recognize special customers or vendors.  

Each recipient will be greeted by our Victorian costumed singers with a beautiful rendition of Here we Come a'Caroling and handed a personalized Christmas card from the sender.  We will then perform 4-5 more songs, including the recipients' requests, if desired. 

Pricing for Singing Christmas Cards varies depending on how many you "send."  A single singing Christmas Card is $100 but if you bundle a few together, the per-card rate goes down, as long as they are within 10 miles of each other.

Singing Christmas Card "Bulk" Pricing


1 Singing Christmas Card = $100.00

2 Singing Christmas Cards = $75/each or $150.00

3 Singing Christmas Cards = $66.60/each or $200.00

4+ Singing Christmas Cards = $50/each